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The Namibian Consul in Australia was formed in 2008 and serves as a domestic conduit for the the Namibian High Commision based in Kuala Lumpur which officially presides over this region. 

Antonio Gelonesi was appointed - The Hon. Consul General of Namibia in Australian. He has presided over this distinguished position since 2008.

As a lead up to his offical appointment he assisted the Namibian Government as follows: 


He was appointed the Official attache of Namibia for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

He later was the appointed attache for the Rugby World Cup held in Sydney in 2003 assisting the Namibian Team and Officials during this significant event.


Since his offical appointment as the Hon. Consul General , has focused on but not been limited to ,


Trade Promotion with Namibia ,

Investment attraction to Namibia ,

Tourism and Advocacy with Namibia and Australia. 

Assisting with Namibian Rugby both the National Sevens and Domestic Teams within Namibia. 

Viability assessments of  new agricultural diversification in regions of Namibia. 

Review of Renewable Energy Opportunities within Namibia and knowledge exchange with Australia. 

He continues to  organise numerous formal introductions , provide tourist insights and even  Duke of Edinburgh Gold supervision in Namibia for Secondary Year Students. 

His contact details are to the right or can be reached through the email form below. 


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Online Visa Application

Kindly be informed that tourist visa to Namibia is now available online.


Kindly find the link below to apply the visa



For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the following officials:


Mr. Deon Scott, Director: Visa Permits, Passports and Citizenships



Mrs. Eite Shiponeni, Deputy Director: Visas & Permits


If you require any formal information please submit in the email contact form below 

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Thank You , we will reply ASAP

Common Questions Addressed. 

Do Australian Citizens require a Visa to visit Namibia ?: 


You can visit Namibia for tourism purposes for up to 3 months a year without a visa prior to travel. Please ensure your passport has at least 6 months validity. As an Australian Citizen travelling with an Australian Passport , you will fill in your arrivals form and be granted a visa that corresponds with your stay. Please ensure you have all your details of your outbound flight or departure handy if required by Passport control. 

I am not an Australian Citizen but i hold a Permanent Residency within my Foreign  Passport, how do i obtain a visa to  travel to Namibia  


Updated action summary coming ASAP 

Which Countries require a Visa and which Countries do not ? 


The PDF following has all details in relation to countries that require VISA's and the application process and applicable links contained within, please contact us for any other clarification or assistance if required. The VISA process is handled and issued through the High Commission Office in Kuala Lumpur  but we will render any assistance necessary. 

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